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    BOLLETTINO '900 - Notizie / B, dicembre 2006



- Second International Conference Translating
   Voices, Translating Regions
   Theory and Practice in translation and
   Audiovisual Translation of Regionalized
   14-15 September 2007
   Durham, UK


The Department of Italian of the University of
Durham, with the support of the Italian
Institute of Culture promotes the Second
International Conference Translating Voices,
Translating Regions

Theory and Practice in Translation and
Audiovisual Translation of Regionalized Voices
14-15 September 2007, Durham, UK

Keynote speakers:

Delia Chiaro
SSLMIT, University of Bologna, (Forlì, Italy)

Jorge Diaz-Cintas
University of Roehampton (UK)

Yves Gambier
University of Turku (Finland)

Arturo Tosi
Royal Halloway, University of London (UK)

In the first international conference Translating
Voices, Translating Regions, the debate enriched
the understanding of many perspectives on
translation of regionalized languages, whilst
emphasizing that there is much more to research.
New areas of research call for widening the
scope of the debate, so as to incorporate areas
such as the impact of the SL into the norms and
syntax of the TL and the cultural impact of
dominating languages on the languages of minorities
or regional languages.

Following the success of the first event, the
Second International Conference aims to respond
to the many intellectual challenges and issues.
Questions concerning a code of practice and a
closer collaboration between theorists and
practitioners have become more pressing than ever.
There are still substantial fields of research
and theoretical reflections that can fruitfully
and systematically contribute to the study of
translation, not least in the rendering of
regional voices.

This conference aims to explore the question
of practices and theories in the translation
of marginal voices, not only in traditional
literature and in audiovisual translations,
but also within sociolinguistic perspectives.
The organisers welcome proposals that explore
the major themes of the conference, and papers
are invited on any of the following aspects of

1)Audiovisual Translation Strategies:

-Accessibility: subtitling, dubbing, voice over,
and descriptive translation

-Availability: subtitling, dubbing or hybrid forms?

-Ideological choices of strategies: censorship and
political choices

2)Translating into and from regionalized languages
or languages of minorities

-Ideological choices

-Sociological impact

-Policies of languages equality

3)Dubbing and rendering a dialect

4)Regionalised voices in translation

Papers will be accepted in any of the official
languages of the conference: English, Italian,
Spanish, and French. The limit of languages is
due to the centrality of dubbing (mostly from
US English) in the French, Spanish, and Italian
traditions, as well as for practical editorial
reasons. Clearly, theoretical approaches fitting
into the framework described above will be welcome
from scholars and professionals researching
other languages, as long as papers are offered
in one of the four languages of the conference.

Abstracts must reach the convenor by 20 March 2007.

Abstracts, of not more than 300 words, should
be sent via email, in .doc, .rtf, .pdf format
only, to the convenor: Federico Federici,

f.m.federici at durham.ac.uk.

Abstracts in non-electronic format can be posted

Federico Federici
Department of Italian
University of Durham, Room A55
Elvet Riverside, New Elvet
Durham DH1 3JT, United Kingdom.

Information on professional/academic affiliation
and the language in which the paper will be
delivered must be provided with the abstract.

It is expected to publish a refereed volume
including a selection of topics discussed in
the papers delivered at the conference. The
deadline for providing the first draft of
papers accepted at the conference and to be
considered for publication will be 31 July 2007.

Exact costs and details of how to register and
book accommodation will be circulated in April
2007. It is expected that payment of registration
fees will be accepted by cheque and credit card
in pounds or euros.

For further information please contact the convenor

f.m.federici at durham.ac.uk

For updated information please check the official
website of the conference:



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